From War, To Haven

PRE-SEASON 2 Countdown Event

Complete daily Check-In Challenges and check in each day!
Earn various rewards and get ready for Pre-Season 2!


PRE-SEASON 2 Celebratory Countdown Drops

Watch a Warhaven stream with Twitch Drops enabled
to earn various profile card items!


11/29 (Wed) New Items Notice

Please check the shop for information on the new items.
Check out the new Legendary package that unlocks additional purchasable Emblems!
A new World Pass Figurine to light the way as you explore and battle for territory is also available.


11/15 (Wed) Shop Update

Please check the shop for information on the new items.
Stand out in the heat of battle by customizing your soldiers with new outfits and weapons.
New legendary items that unlock additional emblems are also available!


World Pass: Pre-season

Purchase the Premium World Pass and unlock up to 102 new items!
Rewards unlock each time players reach World Pass levels by playing the game,
and a +50% World Pass EXP boost will speed the process up.




Seize immortality on the battlefield!

Even common soldiers can prove themselves in battle
and incarnate as a powerful Immortal.

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